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Bird feeder hanger bracket for fences - 3 pack for £7.49

Bird feeder hanger bracket for fences - 3 pack for £7.49

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Fit three bird feeder brackets in minutes ! 3 Pack for only £7.49! 

Simply screw to your fence posts, fence, pergola or garden / house walls. Each bracket could hold a bird feeder, or even a small hanging basket. Angle is adjustable through approximately 180 degrees once fixed to the post..

Contains 3 individual bird feeder hanging bars, 3 screw fit brackets, and 6 screws. Everything you need to install in seconds..

This product has been introduced due to massive customer demand for fixing feeders easily to walls, fences, fence posts, and pergolas.

Alternative uses

Instead of bird feeders, why not use to hold pumpkins on Halloween or outdoor lights. Alternatively, why not try hanging the system a little lower and using it as a hedgehog feeder. 


Our bars are made from 6mm electro-galvanised steel. Bracket and screws are galv plated.

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