No fixings hassle free gardening by PotMagic Ltd - Drainpipe & Soilpipe Plant Pot, Hanging Basket & Bird Feeder Hangers - No Tools Required


What does a PotMagic holder cost? Prices start at just £4.99 and increase depending on how many you buy. Many people buy the 6, 9 or 12 pack to create a vertical garden. Others prefer the 3 pack of single drainpipe (68mm) or soil pipe (110mm) pot hangers. Gardeners also really lover the bird feeder holders for drainpipes.

What do customers use PotMagic for? Our customers use PotMagic to create beautiful vertical flower and herb gardens on posts around the home, garden, office, and work place (including drainpipes, soilpipes, fence posts, pergola posts). Our customers suspend plant pots, hanging baskets, outdoor dog or cat feeding and drinking bowls, bird feeders, candles, pumpkins, lights, signs, and much more.

How do I buy PotMagic? You can buy online here at or or eBay or Amazon. It’s up to you. If you buy on our direct site, simply go to one of 'Buy' pages. If you're not ready to buy now, why not browse the website, or join our newsletter so you don't miss out on discounts. You can also buy potmagic on our pages (such as eBay) if you prefer that retail route (a lot of people do, and we don't mind).

How do I fit PotMagic?

If you have purchased 3-Single-Plant Holders for £10:-

  1. Pass the hoop behind the drainpipe and rotate through 90 degrees.
  2. Position your plant pot and enjoy

Or follow these 3 simple steps:-


If you have purchased any of the Plant-Pot-Bracket sets of 3, 6, 9, or 12 or the Hanging Basket sets or the Bird Feeders sets:-

  1. These products arrive with at least one of the sets assembled to show you how easy it is. Assemble your product following the instructions in the video below.
  2. Simply choose a suitable drainpipe, pergola post (up to 68mm diameter or 65mm square).
  3. Next, slide the system around the back of the upright, pull it down, and attach the locking mechanism (it’s the shortest piece of steel in your pack.)
  4. Finally, position your basket or pot in the holder, and enjoy!
  5. More help is here in these videos...


Does PotMagic require tools to fit it? NO. PotMagic can be fitted by anyone, without using tools. It uses a special patented locking bar design that enables the 'magic' FriXXion Hang-Fast system to work (hence the name PotMagic).

Does it really only take seconds to fit PotMagic? YES. See videos above.

Can I get PotMagic in other sizes? YES. If you'd like PotMagic to fit bigger or smaller posts, or to hold bigger or smaller products, just email us and we'll make them in your size. Any size is possible.

Remember to use PotMagic for Halloween, Bonfire, and Festive Season Displays. Many people use our Plant Pot Holders as Halloween Pumpkin Holders to create a spooky display.