No fixings hassle free gardening by PotMagic Ltd - Drainpipe & Soilpipe Plant Pot, Hanging Basket & Bird Feeder Hangers - No Tools Required

PotMagic™ is committed to using local manufacturers wherever possible, thus reducing the carbon footprint of our products and also contributing in our own little way to Britain’s economy.
As such, our products are manufactured in the UK’s north west by a second generation family owned firm, now entering its 50th year of trading, with many of its workforce drawn from the local working population.

We are proud that our product is both designed and made in Great Britain!

Our people

All the team at PotMagic™ are committed to helping to reduce our carbon footprint in all facets of the business. As such, we have instigated green policies such as:

  • Where possible (!) a paper-free office environment
  • A commitment to eradicating ‘printed’ emails
  • Flexible working to minimise travel

We are also always on the lookout for new ways that we can help make the way we work more sustainable! If you have any ideas, please let us know!

Our charitable commitment

As a way of giving back something to our communities, we plan to make a small donation each year to a charity of our choice. We plan to support both the British Heart Foundation and Dementia Trust during 2015/16.  We will keep you posted via social media as the year progresses.

Our packaging

Our packaging is made from sustainable paper and (FSC) cardboard , and has been designed to minimize size. So, we would be grateful to our customers if you recycle your packaging as appropriate for your area – thanks!

And finally… our product

Our product has been designed to minimize waste and take up less space during both transportation and delivery. This means there is less fresh air delivered through your letterbox!
But the best part about PotMagic™ is that not only can it be used over and over again in a multitude of different areas around the garden, it can stay with you for life too. Don’t forget, if you move house all you have to do is unhook the system and take it with you (you can’t do that with a bracket screwed into the wall!) How much more sustainable can you get!