Fence, Pergola, Drainpipe, Soilpipe Plant Holders and Bird Feeder Holders by PotMagic

Welcome to PotMagic - garden hanging brackets for the busy gardener!  

Fit in seconds - many of our products require no tools to fit.  That's right - NO TOOLS! You are literally just a few seconds away from a vertical garden!

New screw fit fence, fence post, pergola post and wall hangers and brackets ! 

Fence bird feeder bracket

Thanks to massive customer feedback we’ve brought forward our screw fit brackets for fence, fence post, pergola post and wall garden hanging applications. 

Pergola fence post wall hanging basket bird feeder pot hanger bracket

New screw fit pot hanging brackets too. They’re so discrete they look like the plants are floating in mid air.

Pergola fence wall post screw fit plant pot bird feeder hangers brackets

More products every year! Our Soil Pipe pot hanger has proved really popular, and was an innovation off the back of customer feedback too. Meanwhile, we are busy looking at new ideas for the coming season.

Did you know that our design and manufacturing is 100% British?  We are proud to tell you that every single step of the design and manufacture process is carried out in the UK!  We think it's important that we support local business here in Greater Manchester, and we have no intention of changing this policy.

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Pot Magic drainpipe, soilpipe and garden fence post holders for Plant Pot, Hanging Baskets, Bird Feeders, Signs, Dog Bowls, and more:-

* Helps get your vertical gardening started!

* Fit both square and round drainpipes, soilpipe, and garden fence posts

* Plant pot holders are adjustable to fit 4 inch to 8 inch pots

* Help beat the slugs - lift your plants off the ground!

* Requires no tools

* Can be fitted in seconds

* Can be purchased online for quick delivery

* Made from galvanised steel - so it'll last for years!

PotMagic drainpipe plant pot holders fit both square and round drainpipes from 65mm up to 68mm.

PotMagic soilpipe plant pot holders fit round soilpipes that are 110mm diameter.

NO TOOLS REQUIRED. NO DRILLING. NO MESS. NO FUSS. PotMagic holders and hangers use patented FriXXion Hang-Fast technology making them easy to fit. You don't need any tools. Just clip to round or square drainpipes, soilpipes, or garden fence posts, or other posts around the home, garden, office or workplace. It literally takes seconds. Copyright: <a href='https://www.123rf.com/profile_loonara'>loonara / 123RF Stock Photo</a>