June - Top 5 Gardening tasks in June from RHS

Top 5 Gardening tasks in June from RHS

1. Plant for hanging baskets -Choose vibrant bedding plants for a short-term show or herbs, shrubs and evergreens for a long-lasting display..

2. Water - wIsely water in a sustainable way.

3. Pinch - every dau, during watering, check plants for any shoots sprouting just above each leaf).

4. Harvest  - You can start enjoying lettuce, radish, other salad items, and early potatoes.

5. Hoe - tend to your borders too. A light hoe stops the weeds growing. .

P.S. Remember to shard the greenhouse to keep it cool and prevent scorching. 

See more here:- https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/in-month/june

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