No fixings hassle free gardening by PotMagic Ltd - Drainpipe & Soilpipe Plant Pot, Hanging Basket & Bird Feeder Hangers - No Tools Required

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3 Single Fence-Post-Plant-Pot-Holders / Brackets £10.49 - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Fit 3 fence post plant pot holders in 18 seconds ! 3 Pack for only £10.49

NO TOOLS, NO DRILLS, NO SCREWS, NO RAWL PLUGS. Anyone can fit in seconds on standard UK fence posts. Adjust to fit (100mm-110mm). Holds three 5” to 8" plant pots. Pot holding ring size is adjustable.

Contains three individual plant pot holders to create a vertical display, one plant above the other.

Appropriate for plastic plant pots and also the heavier terracotta or ceramic pots.

Brilliant for use with bedding plants - marigolds and begonia in the summer, pansies and cyclamen in the winter!  Protect your favourite hostas from slugs by moving them off the floor and up a drainpipe!  Or why not create a mini herb garden right next to your house using a nearby drainpipe?

Customers with 100mm square fence posts may benefit from using our Fence Post Size Reduction Kit.

Why not also consider our 110mm Soil Pipe sized hangers (see other listings.)

This product had been introduced due to massive customer demand! 

Alternative uses

Instead of plant pots, why not use to hold pumpkins on Halloween, outdoor lights, and mini xmas trees. Alternatively, why not try hanging the system a little lower and using it as an outdoor dog feeding station or bird bath holder. 


Our bars are made from 6mm electro-galvanised steel.