No fixings hassle free gardening by PotMagic Ltd - Drainpipe & Soilpipe Plant Pot, Hanging Basket & Bird Feeder Hangers - No Tools Required



    Installed in seconds, lasts for years!

    No drills, no screws, no raw plugs, no screwdriver required!

      No unsightly holes in your walls!

        No tradesman to pay!

          No DIY skills required whatsoever!

            Don't like the height?  Adjust it in seconds!

              Want to move it to another area of the garden - do it!  Move it in seconds!

                Tough 6mm electro-galvanised steel gives lasting weather-proof protection!

                  Disguises ugly drainpipes in the garden!

                    Use to hang pots, hanging baskets, bird feeders, lanterns - the list of applications is endless!

                      Ideal for use on drainpipes. Can also be used on pergolas, in trees, even on lamp posts!

                        Moving house?  Take it with you - it dismantles in seconds!

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