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  • drain-pipe-drainpipe-dog-feeder-holder-3-pack-potmagic-outdoor-dog-feeding-station-height-adjustable-ring-adjustable-dog-bowl-holder-pet-food-pets
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Outdoor dog feeding station - holds 3 bowls - £9.99 - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Product description

Does your dog stay in the garden in the day sometimes? Why not create an outdoor dog feeding station. This product holds 3 bowls - £9.99, designed to fit standard UK drainpipes (square or circular.)  NO TOOLS REQUIRED. Simply fit the system onto the bottom of a standard UK drain pipe. Accepts 5" or 7" round bowls similar to those shown. You can have three food bowls if you have more than one dog, or two for food and one as a water bowl holder - all set at the correct height for your pet(s).  Height is adjustable to suit. It might even signal the end of messy spillages!  


Alternative uses

Instead of a feeding station, why not try hanging the system a little higher and using it for solar lanterns (see picture) to add a bit of light to your garden during the evenings?


Our bars are made from 6mm electro-galvanised steel; the joining connector is made from aluminium.