No fixings hassle free gardening by PotMagic Ltd - Drainpipe & Soilpipe Plant Pot, Hanging Basket & Bird Feeder Hangers - No Tools Required

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  • drain-pipe-hanging-basket-holder-2-pack-potmagic
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  • drain-pipe-hanging-basket-holder-2-pack-potmagic-halloween
  • drain-pipe-hanging-basket-holder-2-pack-potmagic
  • drain-pipe-hanging-basket-holder-2-pack-potmagic-halloween
Bird feeder hanger / small hanging basket hanger - 2Pk - for drainpipes. £6.99 - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

PotMagic bird feeder / small hanging basket hanger £6.99. NO TOOLS, NO DRILLS, NO SCREWS, NO RAWL PLUGS. Anyone can fit in seconds on standard UK drainpipes (66mm square or circular). Holds two 10" hanging baskets.

The kit contains two basket/feeder hangers; one patented Frixxion joining connector; and one Frixxion locking bar.

This product may also fit pergola/fence posts, tree branches/trunks and other vertical profiles up to 66mm.

Alternative uses

Instead of a hanging basket, why not try hanging a bird feeder or an outdoor light?


Our bars are made from 6mm electro-galvanised steel; the joining connector is made from aluminium.

We recommend a fitting a small hanging basket as shown in the image, with a maximum weight of 2kg per hanging arm. This allows for any weight increase when the basket is wet after watering your plants.